Episode 5: Let The Pee Flow

girl peeing

On the social scale prostitutes are ranked lowly; somewhere near the proverbial alley cat which can’t tell who fathered its kittens. But if prostitutes are the alley cats then the city council askari are the alley mice. We feel the askari are the scum of humanity representing the worst of mankind. It’s a feeling encouraged by the dismissive and you-are-not-human beings way the askari treat us. It is often, and appropriately so, a cat and mouse game between us and them. Unfortunately for now they have more ways of getting back at us than we have of them. But In spite of them having the handcuffs, whips, guns, cells and when necessary the law, once in a while we will have some clever way to hit them.

By default, we are always on the lookout for the council askari and when we see them or hear rumors of their coming we disappear to the shadows or clubs, but as it maybe occasionally they get the better of us. Last night they arrested nine of us who they squeezed in the back of their van.

Every one of us knows the drill; the city council arrests you and at the least, you have to fork out 500 shilllings to be let free.  It’s less than the three thousand the judge will fine you if charged with prostitution. But the askari will start by asking for a thousand shillings and they expect you to beg them to reduce the amount to 500 shillings. We hate begging the askari, so meanwhile as we decide to eat the humble pie or not  they pack us in their old van and take us round and round the city arresting more girls.

Few girls carry such an amount in their pockets. This is purely for safety reasons; you never know who meet in the night and what they will do to you, so the lesser amount you carry the better. You can’t even trust your clients not to steal from you. If a girl makes money during the night she gives it to a watchman, the bouncers, street guys, anyone trustworthy to keep for her and collects when okay.  Yesterday the city council came a little early, at 10 when few of us had made any money. So we made the necessary calls and waited for rescue. It’s very rare for a girl to fuck a council askari for freedom. A girl would rather spend the nights in the cell than have an askari inside her. However, there will be an odd one who lays an askari but the result is contempt and ostracization by the other girls until she is pushed out of the street.

Cheupe came up with the idea of urinating in the council vehicle.  We were parked next to the high court gate and all the askari were out receiving a bribe from a man who had come to the rescue of one of the girls. Cheupe is an odd one. Though we are all loud, she is the loudest and seems to care the least. She even has a slogan;cheupe kuja nikupe. “You know what we are going to do” she said, her loud voice a little lowered ” We are going to urinate in this van”. We laughed; we took it as a joke. “It’s no joke, we are going to do it, every one of us,” she said. She then opened her legs and let out urine. Cheupe doesn’t wear pants, which I find to be less sexy than actually wearing one. Guess men want to fantasize, and when a man is passing and you display your ass, well bet the fantasy is gone and he will offer you less. Anyway, after Cheupe had done it, we all did. It was so much pleasure and we laughed as we did it. The two young girls we also forced to lower their pants and empty their bladders too.

The van was filled with the smell of urine; a mixture of beer, cheap spirits and bodily fluids. We clapped in joy. I was released around 4 a.m. My benefactor was some bouncer at a city club. I paid half the amount in kind in the club’s gents and the rest I will give him in cash. Cheupe was locked in.

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